Yellowstone 2 day Private tours for 1 to 5 Persons

Yellowstone 2 day Private tours for 1 to 5 Persons
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  • Duration: 14 Hours (approx.)
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Upon leaving your hotel in Jackson Hole, you will stop at Big
Thumb by Yellowstone Lake.  For some of you that will be the first time
seeing fumaroles, hot springs, warm springsand the huge lake on an
elevation of 8000 feet.  The magma underneath Yellowstone park heats
rain water and melting snow at about 8 miles below the earth surface. 
The water finds its way back to the surface of the earth, in the form of
mud volcano, fumarole, warm and hot springs.  Your tour route will lead
you to Hayden Valley, home to wolves, Grizzlies, buffalo, and even bald
eagles.  Further up the road is the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  There
are two water falls in the canyon, upper and lower falls.  It is one of
the must see locations in the park.  The canyon must have been in the
works, thousands of years ago.  It is deep and its sheer massiveness
will leave you awestruck.  Its banks are yellow, probably due to large
amounts of sulfur.  Norris Geysers several miles away from the Grand
Canyon of Yellowstone has magnificent hot and warm springs.  One of them
has greenish colored water, due to sulfur.  The Steamboat Geyser and a
huge furmarole are also some of the attractions of Norris Geysers.   

you leave Norris Geysers, the next stop will be the mud pots.  Here you
will find mud with doses of chemicals bubbling, warm springs and sky
blue warm water.  The deep blue water is as result of depth of the
spring.  You will stop at the Grand Prismatic Springs, where from a
distance you will notice rainbow-like colors of hot steam rising up the
in the usually blue sky.  Bacteria and chemicals line the shores of the
spring as well as the banks of the stream runoff.  It is one of the five
must sees in the lower loop.  As you drive further in the park, south,
before you reach Old Faithful Geyser, you may stop at the Black Sand
Basin.  It has an emerald hot spring, where a rare spider subsists.  You
will also find several warm and hot springs spouting water
intermittently as if it is staged..    

Faithful will be your last stop on your Yellowstone lower loop tour. 
The warm geyser shoots out water from its vent every 90 minutes, plus or
minus 10.  Watch the people around it and witness the relief, joy

and amazement in their faces when the geyser erupts.  Old Faithful
perhaps draws more people than any other geological feature in
Yellowstone National Park. 

In the Upper Loop of Yellowstone, your will tour the Obsidian Cliff, Sheepeater Cliff, Huckleberry Cliff, Mammoth Hot Springs, the petrified tree and Tower Falls.  If you have enough time, you may also stop at Lamar Valley and Calcite Springs.